Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Mmm, Yall {Kenny's Farmhouse Cheese}

Kenny's Farmhouse Cheese is a new pleasure of mine. Available online, these artisan cheeses are made with obvious attention to detail and unique flavor.

The vibrant colored rinds and possibilities for geometric presentation in circles, squares, and triangles are appealing. Wouldn't these make for a striking cheese tray? I can vouch that the quality and taste match the aesthetic beauty. Kenny's Coffee Cheddar is sold out, but I'm hoping to sample that flavor very soon.

1. Kenny's Farmhouse Cheese, Aged Cheddar ($11.98 for 1lb.) 2. Kenny's Farmhouse Cheese, Kentucky Bleu ($14.98 for 1lb.)

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Culture, Yall {Southern Still Life in Black and White}

I am admiring this original painting by Tali. I am impressed by the moment in time it captures, so real and valid to what it was like growing up in the South. Being raised by a nanny while mama goes off to work is not uncommon. Some of us were raised by women not our own race.

This experience created loving bonds for the Southerner that opened our hearts to love what is grey instead of only black and white. Seeing the harmonious, bold impact of what it means to stand side-by-side. Being made aware of the differences and similarities and being better people because of this. This sculptural still life by Southern artist Linda Bowman Potter is a beautiful picture of that for me.

Were you raised by someone who opened your eyes to something new? Who made you a better person just by sharing who they are and what they care about in life?

1. tushtush, Whitewashed House ($120 USD) 2. Linda Bowman Potter, Still Life #2 (retailer for price)

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Mmm, Yall {Low Country Produce}

Cold showers taken here lately…that's saying something for a woman who turns on her space heater under her desk at work in July. Cold soups eaten here lately also. On the menu this week is Low Country Produce's Spicy Peach Gazpacho. Gazpacho is soup meant to be eaten cold, and is a welcome change of pace this time of year. Also on my summer soup list is Honest Fare's Watermelon and Avocado Gazpacho. Looks delicious!

Cajun cuisine is of great interest to me because of the use of spice and cream-based sauces. I have immersed myself into a world of etouffees and jumbos. Not to mention Zatarain's seasonings or Old Bay.

What new types of food have you been discovering lately? Any food products that you love?

1. Low Country Produce, Various (various pricing)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Styling, Yall {Porch Ferns}

Summer. The time of year for lightening bugs (fireflies) and swimming pools. One of the things I miss about my mama's front porch is the hanging ferns she keeps around its perimeter. Six on each side. Always hung above the hand railing and below the awning, perfectly visible from the road. The bright green against the stark white painted porch is welcome contrast. Very southern.

This collection represents both the geometry and the graceful curves of the fern plant. No. 4 earrings mimic the actual natural pattern of ferns. Jill Morzillo's earrings capture the fern in a different way: a curly fiddle head fern shape with the perfect color green gem.

What plants do you keep on your front porch or planters this time of year?

1. Jill Morzillo, earrings (retailer for prices) 2. Virginia Kraljevic, A Fan of A Fan (pen and ink) ($30 USD) 3. Chloe, Sunray Stripes Dress (retailer for prices) 4. Nervous System, Dichotomous earrings ($25 USD)

Friday, April 20, 2012

Mmm, Yall {Wild Ophelia Chocolate}

May I introduce you to a new Southern treat that I've found? Wild Ophelia takes Southern favorites – peaches, pecans, chilis – and mixes them with chocolate to make magic.

I've tried the New Orleans Chili, Southern Hibiscus Peach, and the Sweet Cherry Pecan so far. The New Orleans Chili is my favorite. There are dark and milk chocolates in the collection, something for everyone!

1. Wild Ophelia Chocolate, various flavors

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Party, Yall {Kentucky Oaks}

This weekend is the official kick-off party for the 2012 Kentucky Oaks and Derby. Louisville is buzzing with excitement, planning, and shopping.

The Kentucky Oaks is a day of racing preceding the Kentucky Derby. It is called Louisville's Derby by some locals. It's a day the ladies take center stage. All fillies (female horses) run, and breast cancer awareness is supported by the annual Pink Out, which means pink is the predominate color worn to the day's races. The event even has it's own official drink, which I've included for you here.

Amazing accessories, namely hats, are a must at the races and going over the top is permissible. This fascinator by Cressida is just enough and looks both sculptural and painterly. Kluster earrings are made locally and the color combinations are extensive. Robert Joyner was responsible for the Oaks and Derby posters created this year. I love his use of color, and think that using an impressionistic technique was a great choice is capturing the movement of a racing horse. 

1. Oaks Lily® in official glass ($6) 2. Hats By Cressida, Pale Pink and Black Fascinator ($80) 3. Nadia & Co., Kenetic Splash cookies (contact for pricing) 5. Robert Joyner, Original Equine Painting ($28.50) 5. Kluster, pink, rose, and pale green earring ($28.50)

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Styling Yall {Southern Lace}

I've noticed that lace/doily crochet is in style for spring. I am usually very picky with patterns, I don't like things to be overly ornate. Lace is the exception to that. It is the one pattern that is uniquely feminine, always gaudy, and yet always classic.

The fun navy and white dress in from Judith March. I knew the designer/owner of this brand in school. She has an easy feminine style. I love how this dress makes the doily look bold and graphic.

Voluspa's votive candles have a cut glass lace design that I love. I would love to collect them into a group once I'm through burning them. (I'm big on reusable containers). My ultimate favorite, however, would be a shadylace parasol for my backyard, casting a lacy shade on a hot day. And some sweet tea of course.

1. Judith March, Doily Dress (stores for pricing) 2. Pier 1, Doily Plate pier1 ($6) 3. Gabrielle Handmade Jewelry, Small Sterling Cuff ($220.00) 4. Droog, Lace Fence (request price) 5. Droog, Shadylace Parasol (225,00 Euro) 6. Hello Violeta, White Lace Flower Blossom Garland ($29) 7. Voluspa, French Cade Lavender Candle ($18)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Mmm, Yall {Southern Caramels}

Lately I've been in a salty-sweet mood. My friend Laura introduced me to sea salt caramel ice cream and pretzels and I will never be the same. I saw these Annie B's caramels, loved the typography on them, (did I mention that I'm a graphic designer?) and bought a whole handful. The square caramels have marshmallow inside of them and are to die for. They are made in Kentucky and are named after a famous Polish actress who stared in the American premiere of A Doll's House in 1883. I'm craving some Talenti with pretzels even as I write!

1. Bauer's Candies, Inc., Caramel Modjeskas 2. Talenti® Gelato, 3. Annie B's Caramels, 

Friday, March 16, 2012

Styling, Yall {Charleston, South Carolina}

I'll admit my mother was right. I do appreciate the collection of Towle tableware she has collected for me all these years…a serving spoon for my birthday. A salad fork in my Christmas stocking. A long withstanding Southern tradition, passed down from her mother to her, and from her to my sister and I. Mother knows best!

These earrings by Charleston jewelry designer Gabrielle (Gabe) remind me of the romantic styling of traditional silverware design. The gilded framing tape has the potential to add stateliness instantly, while the gold leaf styling from Charleston fashion designer Carol Hannah's runway show makes me wish I had somewhere to go to try this look! Maybe I can get a dose of gold leaf in a more practical way by employing this nail tutorial by the Beauty Department.

1. Towle®, Celtic Weave Gold Accent, Grand Duchess Gold Accent 2. Gabrielle Handmade Jewelry, 5785 Earrings ($120) 3. Carol Hannah Bridal, 2012 Runway Show ($29-119) 4. Ann Sacks, Davlin Bathroom Glass ($168) 5. Droog, Frame Tape and Centraal Museum Chandelier

Friday, March 9, 2012

Culture, Yall {Gee's Bend, Alabama}

I can remember the first time I saw a Gee's Bend quilt. In an Alabama schoolroom, I was asked to consider this soulful medium.

The attention to color scheme and the asymmetry was intriguing, and the stories behind them where supremely romantic and alluring. The beauty of the quilts came from the fabric choice or lack of fabric choice, I should say. Lutisha Pettway's "Bars" c. 1950 is particularly divine. She pieced her deceased husband's work clothes together to create this covering. In a time when money was tight and opportunity tighter…can you image? A woman wrapped up in her husband's memory: a monotone robe of beauty and memory.

I am currently collecting scraps of white, cream, and light blue cashmere to piece a blanket together in ode to this style. All of the scraps are from sweaters with holes, and I can't bear to throw any scrap of cashmere away! I'm thinking of using a matte gold or silver thread to stitch them together, I haven't decided yet. Or maybe something cotton denim? I think West Elm's frayed edge cotton sheet set would be the perfect compliment.

1. Loretta Pettway, c. 1960 94x76 in. 2. Shlomitofir, Formica Half-Moon Necklace ($53) 3. West Elm, Frayed-edge sheet set in steel blue ($29-119) 4. Rachel Carey George c. 1938 82x72 in. 5. Pearlie Kennedy Pettway, c. 1950 84x81 in. Auburn University on Gee's Bend