Friday, March 15, 2013

Culture, Yall {Cotton Field Snow}

Everyone is talking about spring coming. I'd just assume enjoy a little more snow. I grew up in the deep south where any field of white was simply a cotton field, texturally lovely and warm. when I was a child I would squint at cotton fields, imagining that it was snow. The event of snow has always been a idealistic luxury in my life.

Last year I was excited to catch this photo of a snowflake on my frozen car window. I was amazed to see snowflakes as they appear in the cut paper versions.

While driving yesterday morning, I listened to the song Clean Slate on a cd given to me by a friend. The notion of beginning again for a new year in the dead of winter makes complete sense to me as the snow coats the ground, cleansing what lies beneath. I love the brightness, iridescence, warm materials, and general coziness of winter. Lastly, I also hold to the notion that coffee is hotter and somehow better in winter. Hard not to love that yall.

1. Southerner Yall, Preserved Snowflakes 2. Made By Manos, Fine Bone China in Mother of Pearl ($34) 3. Maries Corner, Clutch Bag (various prices by size) 4. The Big Picture Studio: Emily Martinez, Cotton Field at Dusk (various prices by size)

Friday, March 1, 2013

He Will See Her Spring

Tonight, for the first time, I'll meet a dear friend's mother. She has cancer and her days are growing more and more uncertain. My love language is gift giving, so I've been thinking what to give her. I realize that no created thing, money, or gift means anything in light of the uncertainty as to whether or not you will be here to enjoy it. But still somehow to me a gift seems suitable in the coldest of winter, here where the snow has been falling all day.

And so I wrote her a card. Telling her how I think that she did a wonderful job raising her son. I made a promise to her, too…to pray for him and his new wife. He has goals, and I am sure she longs for these to be met. They may have even been inspired by her dreams for him and what his life would be like because of how she knows him. This is her legacy, this is valuable. In this I have every hope and anticipate that he will see her spring.

1. Sandra Charles, Reality Louisville, Kentucky

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Mmm, Yall {Kenny's Farmhouse Cheese}

Kenny's Farmhouse Cheese has been a guilty pleasure of mine. I say it is guilty because I really should have been thoughtful to share this brand with you before now. Available online, these artisan cheeses are made with obvious attention to variety and unique flavor.

The vibrant colored rinds and possibilities for geometric presentation in circles, squares, and triangles are appealing. Wouldn't these make for a striking cheese tray? I can vouch that the quality and taste match the aesthetic beauty. Kenny's Coffee Cheddar is sold out, but I'm hoping to sample that flavor very soon.

1. Kenny's Farmhouse Cheese, Aged Cheddar ($11.98 for 1lb.) 2. Kenny's Farmhouse Cheese, Kentucky Bleu ($14.98 for 1lb.)

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Styling, Yall {Southern Still Life in Black and White}

I love this original painting by Tali. I am impressed by the moment in time it captures, so real and valid to what it was like growing up in the South. Being raised by a nanny while mama goes off to work is not uncommon. Some of us were raised by women not our own race.

This experience created loving bonds for the Southerner that opened our hearts to love what is grey instead of only black and white. Seeing the harmonious, bold impact of both side by side. Being made aware of the differences and similarities and being better people because of this. This sculptural still life by Southern artist Linda Bowman Potter seems to be such a beautiful picture of that for me.

Were you raised by someone who opened your eyes to something new? Who made you a better person just by sharing who they are and what they care about in life? I sincerely hope you did.

1. tushtush, Whitewashed House ($120 USD) 2. Linda Bowman Potter, Still Life #2 (retailer for price)

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Mmm, Yall {Low Country Produce}

Cold showers taken here lately…that's saying something for a cold natured woman who turns on her space heater under her desk at work in July. Cold soups taken lately here also. On the menu this week is Low Country Produce's Spicy Peach Gazpacho. Gazpacho is soup meant to be eaten cold, and is a welcome change of pace this time of year. Also on my summer soup list is Honest Fare's Watermelon and Avocado Gazpacho. Looks delicious!

Low Country Produce is my latest interest in general. My Louisiana Beau is a creole chef extrodinaire, and through him I have been immersed into a world of etouffees and jumbos, and dishes spiced with Zatarain's seasonings or Old Bay. I bought a jar of the Low Country Creole in hopes that it tastes like home for him. It all looks very promising!

What new types of food have you been discovering lately? Any food products that you love?

1. Low Country Produce, Various (various pricing)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Styling, Yall {Porch Ferns}

Summer. The time of year for lightening bugs (fireflies) and swimming pools. One of the things I miss about my mama's front porch, and the fact that I don't make it there often to sit enjoying it, is the hanging ferns she keeps around it's perimeter. Six on each side. Always hung above the hand railing and below the awning, perfectly visible from the road. The bright green against a stark white painted porch is welcome contrast. Very southern.

This collection represents both the geometry and the graceful curves of the fern plant. No. 4 earrings mimic the actual natural pattern of ferns. (I love scentific design!) Jill Morzillo's earrings capture the fern in a different way: a curly que shaped like the fiddle head top of the leaf with the perfect color green gem bottom.

What plants do you keep on your front porch or planters this time of year?

1. Jill Morzillo, earrings (retailer for prices) 2. Virginia Kraljevic, A Fan of A Fan (pen and ink) ($30 USD) 3. Chloe, Sunray Stripes Dress (retailer for prices) 4. Nervous System, Dichotomous earrings ($25 USD)

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Party, Yall {Kentucky Derby}

Derby Party fun! Here are my favorite for 2012. Bright colors to mimic derby jockey silks, and a cleverly styled bourbon bottle for making mint juleps. It's all about the look, right?

The Louisville Paper has the cutest edition out for Derby 2012. On the back there is a horse's behind illustration. Perfect size for setting up a pin the rose on the horse's tail game for the kids! And it's free! 

1., Ice Cream Sundae Malted Milk Balls ($6.99 for 1lb.) 2. Pioneer Linens, Seersucker Napkin by Kim Seybert ($16 for 1) 3. Woodford Reserve, Bourbon (prices varies by retail location) 4. SucreShop, Wood Ice Cream Spoons in Graphic Stripes ($8.00 for 20) 5. Katie Rhea Stokes, Derby Party Invitations or (contact seller for pricing) 6. Caspari, Derby Party Cocktail Napkins ($5.50) 7. The Louisville Paper, Derby Edition (free) 8. Kencraft, Various flavored Stripped Candy Sticks (varies per amount) 9. Preisner Pewter, Mint Julep Cup (call for price)