Friday, March 16, 2012

Styling, Yall {Charleston, South Carolina}

I'll admit my mother was right. I do appreciate the collection of Towle tableware she has collected for me all these years…a serving spoon for my birthday. A salad fork in my Christmas stocking. A long withstanding Southern tradition, passed down from her mother to her, and from her to my sister and I. Mother knows best!

These earrings by Charleston jewelry designer Gabrielle (Gabe) remind me of the romantic styling of traditional silverware design. The gilded framing tape has the potential to add stateliness instantly, while the gold leaf styling from Charleston fashion designer Carol Hannah's runway show makes me wish I had somewhere to go to try this look! Maybe I can get a dose of gold leaf in a more practical way by employing this nail tutorial by the Beauty Department.

1. Towle®, Celtic Weave Gold Accent, Grand Duchess Gold Accent 2. Gabrielle Handmade Jewelry, 5785 Earrings ($120) 3. Carol Hannah Bridal, 2012 Runway Show ($29-119) 4. Ann Sacks, Davlin Bathroom Glass ($168) 5. Droog, Frame Tape and Centraal Museum Chandelier


  1. oh I reall really really like your blog. it is soothing. and a great spot to see some beauty in this busy world. :) I will be checking in.

  2. Beautiful pics :)

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