Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Culture, Yall {Southern Still Life in Black and White}

I am admiring this original painting by Tali. I am impressed by the moment in time it captures, so real and valid to what it was like growing up in the South. Being raised by a nanny while mama goes off to work is not uncommon. Some of us were raised by women not our own race.

This experience created loving bonds for the Southerner that opened our hearts to love what is grey instead of only black and white. Seeing the harmonious, bold impact of what it means to stand side-by-side. Being made aware of the differences and similarities and being better people because of this. This sculptural still life by Southern artist Linda Bowman Potter is a beautiful picture of that for me.

Were you raised by someone who opened your eyes to something new? Who made you a better person just by sharing who they are and what they care about in life?

1. tushtush, Whitewashed House etsy.com ($120 USD) 2. Linda Bowman Potter, Still Life #2 lindabowmanpotter.com (retailer for price)

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