Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Mmm, Yall {Low Country Produce}

Cold showers taken here lately…that's saying something for a woman who turns on her space heater under her desk at work in July. Cold soups eaten here lately also. On the menu this week is Low Country Produce's Spicy Peach Gazpacho. Gazpacho is soup meant to be eaten cold, and is a welcome change of pace this time of year. Also on my summer soup list is Honest Fare's Watermelon and Avocado Gazpacho. Looks delicious!

Cajun cuisine is of great interest to me because of the use of spice and cream-based sauces. I have immersed myself into a world of etouffees and jumbos. Not to mention Zatarain's seasonings or Old Bay.

What new types of food have you been discovering lately? Any food products that you love?

1. Low Country Produce, Various lowcountryproduce.com (various pricing)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Styling, Yall {Porch Ferns}

Summer. The time of year for lightening bugs (fireflies) and swimming pools. One of the things I miss about my mama's front porch is the hanging ferns she keeps around its perimeter. Six on each side. Always hung above the hand railing and below the awning, perfectly visible from the road. The bright green against the stark white painted porch is welcome contrast. Very southern.

This collection represents both the geometry and the graceful curves of the fern plant. No. 4 earrings mimic the actual natural pattern of ferns. Jill Morzillo's earrings capture the fern in a different way: a curly fiddle head fern shape with the perfect color green gem.

What plants do you keep on your front porch or planters this time of year?

1. Jill Morzillo, earrings louisvilleartisans.org (retailer for prices) 2. Virginia Kraljevic, A Fan of A Fan (pen and ink) etsy.com ($30 USD) 3. Chloe, Sunray Stripes Dress chloe.com (retailer for prices) 4. Nervous System, Dichotomous earrings etsy.com ($25 USD)